Mindstate Motivation Blog


Maximizing your life and it’s opportunities is just a flip of your mind’s switch away.  Here’s some thoughts to help you make that switch.

Deliberate less, do more.
Judge less, empathize more.
Eat less, exercise more.
Equivocate less, commit more.
Doubt less, believe more.
Wonder less, ask more.
Hate less, love more.
Limit yourself less, travel more.
Spend less, save more.
Yell less, seek to understand more.
Fear less, overcome more.
Hide less, open up more.
Avoid less, face-up to it more.
Minimize less, maximize more.
Dream less, set goals more.
Take less, give more.
Be comfortable less, challenge more.

Enough said?  Switch.  Okay?  You will miss less and live more!

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