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Taken For Granted

Day in and day out we all go about the business of living our lives.  How about you?  Do you find the days just melt into weeks, months and, then, before you know it years?  There are a lot of reasons why the melting away of time happens in our lives.  I think the most dangerous reason is that each of us allows our time to be taken for granted.

It’s not in the human makeup, generally, to dwell on the fact that our lives will end someday.  We positively proceed through each moment of our lives assuming the next moment is inevitably going to come.  That being the mindset there is little motivation to not take each moment for granted.  The result too often is the wasting of precious time.  Time that could be dedicated to being, doing and having all that a full life can offer each of us.

Here’s a thought to avoid such a waste.  Start each day with the following affirmation:  “I will take each priceless moment of this day as it comes and leverage it as needed so I can be, do and have all I desire.  I will live in each moment while being cognizant it will be the foundation for all that is to come in my future.”

Live that affirmation on a daily basis and a full, productive life can, regardless of its length, be taken for granted.

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