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Taste of Success

A gourmet cook I am not. About the only thing I’m good for when it comes to cooking is burgers on the grill and I make a mean cooked breakfast including blueberry pancakes. I have to admit that the taste of those meals that I do cook are scrumptious.

The burgers take special attention to bring out the flavor. The key condiments are Worcestershire Sauce and Lawry’s Salt. Then, allowing the seasoned burgers to sit in their juices for several minutes prior to throwing them on the grill. Without those two ingredients and allowing a few minutes to marinate, a burger is just a burger.

Besides the eggs and bacon, my cooked breakfast always includes sliced, cooked tomatoes and, as I mentioned, the pancakes. Of course, the blueberries add a special shot to the flavor of the pancakes but that’s not all. I always add vanilla, lemon juice and baking powder to the basic ingredients. They come off the griddle fluffy, flavorful and fantastic! The taste is enhanced way beyond the basic pancake flavor.

Enough with the cooking lesson except to say it’s all about adding the right condiments so the flavor of the food is immeasurably enhanced. And, so it is with the taste of your success.

Success tastes sweetest when you have gone through repeated failures to get there. If all you had to do to cook-up your success, was to throw a little effort into the frying pan, so to speak, success would be pretty bland. You would have much less to savor.

Success must marinate in the flavor of failure to bring forth its greatest taste.

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