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Teeny Tiny

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442700“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”—Arnold Glasow.  Now, that’s teeny tiny! By the way, Arnold Glasow (not Glasgow) was an American humorist of some significance.  If you Google his name, you will see that he was a prolific, thought-leader of the last century.

Anyway, he said what has been said in a million different ways over decades.  “Actions speak louder than words.”  Or, Glasow’s point was actions speak louder than thoughts.

Yes, you have to think of something before you can act on it.  But, if the thought stays bottled-up in your brain nothing happens. Your accomplishments in life are more about the size and frequency of your actions than the magnitude of your thinking.

You know the type of person to which I refer.  They’re as numerous as flees on a mangy dog.  They’re people who are always spouting big thoughts but are “teeny tiny” in what they have actually done.

If this were meant to be a “teeny tiny” experience that we call life, we would be single cell beings…just existing in the vast soup we call the Universe. Think big thoughts and make your actions regarding those thoughts so big they impact our Universe!

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