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Temporary To Permanent

It’s been said, “Sometimes we have to give up that which we want most temporarily, in order to have it ultimately, permanently.” In other words, timing may be everthing sometimes in life.

Think about your own life. How many times have you wanted something so badly that you were tense, distraught, overwhelmed and just generally, forcing the issue. Nothing seemed to work in getting what you wanted. It seemed totally futile and all would be lost. Then, for whatever reason, your attention was diverted from that issue, challenge or goal.

Ultimately…wonder of all wonders…the solution to the unresolved issue, challenge or goal appeared and resolution was reached. Life was good!

Why did that happen, you ask? In my opinion, all things come to us when we are truly ready for them. We can’t force the issue outside the parameters of our ability to handle them.

None of this means we should not strive to grow as a person just because we can’t have what we want now. On the contrary, it’s usually the personal growth we experience in life that ultimately gets us what we want. Don’t strive and your dreams will not remain alive!

In other words, it’s through personal growth that we expand the parameters of our potential and, ultimately, are able to expand our circle of capacity and achieve that which we want. I believe this to be true at any level: personally, professionally and spiritually.

But, striving, growing, developing should not put us in a state of debilitating tension. We should do any or all of those things with a sense of peace that we are on the right track and, as such, we will ultimately get what we want.

Yes, sometimes it’s frustrating when we don’t get what we want right now. Don’t give up! Shape up! Do what you have to do to earn the right to have what it is you want. Personal growth over time always maximizes your ahcievements in life. If you truly want something, then temporary disappointment at not having it should be your motivator to ultimately achieving it permanently.


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