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Temptation Always Leads to Terrific Trouble

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900425511_20140604-150756_1Tell me you haven’t regretted some action you have taken in the past!  Don’t even bother because we both know it’s true.  We are all human and we have all had those kinds of moments of regret.  We allow the temptation at the time take us down a path we shouldn’t have gone.  In some cases we may have gotten into terrific trouble as a consequence.

Now, the idea of terrific trouble doesn’t necessarily mean something involving the law or the like.  Terrific trouble can be anything that takes you off course from your intended path.  It could be you “fell off of the wagon” in any of a number of ways in this life.  The point is your best intentions were interrupted by you giving into some temptation and trouble ensued.

Temptation is a vicious situation because it can be so compelling in the sense it can seem so much more desirable than anything else at the moment.  In short, temptation can be toxic if acted upon.   Your mind is saying, don’t do it, but your heart is screaming, YES…do it!  The sad fact is temptation is always driven from our emotions and not logic.

Whatever the temptations that tend to consistently pull you off course, consider the following thoughts as a way of resisting.  First, force yourself to be less emotionally driven whenever you are tempted.  Buy yourself a little time before reacting by thinking first.

Focus your thinking into taking six steps:  1) What is it that is tempting me?  2) Why is it tempting me and seeming so attractive?  3) What is the worst case scenario if I give into the temptation?  4) What is the best case scenario if I resist the temptation?  5) Determine, based on logic, which of scenarios 3 or 4 are the best course of action for you to take.  6) Act accordingly.

Don’t even think about being tempted to not follow the above six steps.  It will only lead to terrific trouble!

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