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Ten Tips to Be Tops

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401009If you always want to be at the top of your game, so to speak, there are several key considerations for doing so.  In general, you can’t be on top of the world when your attitude is on the bottom.  So, here are ten tips for keeping your attitude in line so you are always on top of every situation.

First, you are, literally, what you think.  If you think you will succeed, you ultimately will get there.  The converse is also true.

Second, successful people always have an immediate presence of mind.  By that I mean, they stay focused on the moment and don’t get drawn off course.

Third, to be on top of any situation or opportunity great people always have a clear vision of where they want to ultimately go.

Fourth, you can’t feel “top of the world” without having a passion for it.  In other words, you have to feel a deep since of commitment to your mission.

Fifth, you can’t be at the top of your game if you don’t know the rules of the game.  Top performers, therefore, always have a plan of action and take action to work their plan.

Sixth, those who achieve the greatest success in life seem to have the greatest capacity to know when change is necessary and not just a matter of convenience.  As regards their plan of action, they are tops in being able to adapt the plan to uncontrollable or unexpected circumstances.

Seventh, top performers focus on constantly staying true to practicing the basics.  They don’t look for convenient shortcuts but do the hard work of repeatedly honing the fundamentals necessary to being a success in whatever the pursuit.

Eighth, being tops in your pursuit requires emotional connection to each of the individual goals necessary to achieving the overall objective.  If you don’t viscerally feel the need to achieve a goal, you will emotionally detach and fail.

Ninth, people of great success are humble enough to learn from others and gracious enough to acknowledge their help.

Tenth, persistent effort over time is the watershed characteristic of top performers.  Whatever they set out to do they do not stop until they have done it.

There are the top ten tips for being tops in all that you do!

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