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That Generous Feeling

Okay…here’s the deal.  I have an acquaintance who has the following philosophy concerning any kind of creative thinking.  She says, “Muse it and lose it.”  Her point is when you have a particular throught cross your mind that requires some kind of follow-up write it down or record it immediately or you will lose it.  Don’t trust yourself to remember it later when it may be more convenient.

My experience is she is absolutely right.  I can’t tell you the number of times a thought has been lost because I didn’t immediately record it in some way so I could follow-up later.  It doesn’t happen as much as it once did because I’ve learned to not trust my powers of recollection.

By the way, the creative genius who expressed the above referenced philosophy is Sam Horn.  If you have any need for ideas around methods to stimulate creative thinking, go to Sam’s website  to explore.  She truly is one of a kind.

What is true about our losing thoughts that may flash across our mind is also potentially true when it comes to intentions of generosity.  It could be any kind of thinking along those lines whether it involves donating your time, money, etc.  The point is if you don’t act immediately on your generous feelings they will fade in intensity very quickly.  Life interupts and you never act on your altruistic desires.

When you get those generous feelings, as Sam Horn says, “Muse it and lose it.”  So, live the Nike mantra, “Just do it.”  But, do it now!

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