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The Balmy Sea Breeze of Interpersonal Sales Puts You at the Helm on the Sea of Life

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900427770Aaah…there is nothing like a day on the water.  Balmy breezes blowing through your hair.  The rush of the sea water under the bow of your vessel.  The rustle of the sails as they strain with the breeze driving you forward to your destination.  Working the helm so your direction remains true even with the breezes wanting to push you off course.  Does it really get any better than that?

Well, the answer to the question depends on what is being talked about.  This is especially true when talking about your course on the sea of your life.  Things can get pretty rough if the breezes turn into gales; your helm is broken; and your sails are torn to shreds.  However, your sail on the sea of your life can be just as rewarding as the description I gave in the first paragraph.  Balmy breezes; rushing through the glassy surface of the sea; and with true direction.

Here’s the challenge to you setting a course as favorable as that.  Other people can try to pirate your progress.  They can get in the way and try to scuttle your ship.  They will steal the very treasures out of your life.  The good news is the vast majority of people will only be driven to do such things if you haven’t set your interpersonal sales properly.  By that I mean you deal with other people in a self-centered and even rude way.

There are four areas of consideration in setting your interpersonal sales.  Yes, I know I keep spelling the word, sales, rather than as sails.  Call it a play on words.  My point is for the easiest and most productive sail across the sea of your life you must make interpersonal sales to every one you meet.    You have to encourage them by selling them on your appreciation of them in all forms of communication.  As I said, there are four areas of consideration in doing that.

First, is knowing how you are feeling when dealing with another person.  Second, is trying to be empathic enough to understand how they are feeling during the interaction.  Third, is managing your feelings so you can have a productive interaction. And, the fourth is empathically helping the other person to manage their reactions such that the interaction is a productive one.

Acknowledging those four considerations should make you ship shape for sailing across the sea of your life with balmy breezes at your back.  For more on these four interpersonal skills go to:  http://www.danielgoleman.info/topics/emotional-intelligence/

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