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The Basics

The keys to a life well lived are embodied in the word “basics.”  I sincerely don’t think it is any more complicated then that.  Here’s why.

The explanation lies in converting the word, basics, into an acronym.

  • B elieve in yourself.  If you don’t, nobody else will.  A life well lived is truly a team effort but successful teams can’t exist without belief in one another.  The foundation for believing in others is born of a belief in one’s self.
  • A ttitude of abundance.  In my opinion, life isn’t about scratching a lonely path through a desert of poverty and despair.  It is more about a team effort of creating more for everybody.
  • S ensitivity to others.  A life well lived is impossible when trampling on the spirit and souls of others.  Lift up rather than beat down.
  •  I ntellectual development daily.  Truly living life requires a constantly growing body of knowledge to better understand how to live.
  • C onditioning physically daily.  A weak body is a prematurely dying body and doesn’t have the energy to fully live.
  • S piritual growth daily.  Define your higher power in whatever way works for you.  That connection on a spiritual level increases your power to live.

Those are the basics.  Live by them and live well.

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