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The Beginning of the End

There’s always a start and a finish to everything.  Not too terribly shocking of a revelation to you I presume.  So why read on?  Because…if you stop at the beginning you will not get to the end.  If you never get to the end, you will never reap the reward.

Now, here’s the problem with all this.  Far too many people dwell on their past and, therefore, can’t start a new beginning.  They’re locked into the end of what was and can’t begin what can be.

Look!  It’s as simple and difficult as this.  Apply self-discipline and create a new ending by beginning to let go of the past.  You can’t go back and change the past.  So start today to create your new ending through a self-disciplined approach to living your life.

Self-discipline begins with a reason.  A compelling reason to want to achieve some goal.  Don’t live in the past and allow those old beliefs to convince you you can’t make it.  Begin now to end that thinking.  Find your reason for doing something and go for it.

If you begin, you can and the new end you create will be good!

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