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The Best You’ve Never…
The above title is one of the categories of information which can be found in the outstanding website, LifeAnswersBack.  About once a month in this blog I share some recent tidbit from the site that I think would be of interest to my readers because I think the site is awesome.  Below you will find interesting information concerning a club in San Francisco.


Your cab driver drops you off at the corner in front of a nondescript, drab building that you makes you feel like you are walking through a black and white photo. If it wasn’t for the “Anti-Saloon League” sign overhead, you would probably never find this place. After approaching the slightly out-of-place wooden door, you press the door bell and are greeted by a young lady, who looks as though she just arrived from the 1920’s, and asks for your password. You do have a password, don’t you?

Bourbon and Branch can best be described as a San Francisco speakeasy that boasts the finest cocktails you have never sampled, unless you have been fortunate enough to stumble across this unique establishment, with a reservation and password of course. Yes, you do need a password to get into the main lounge, which you will obtain when you make your reservation. If you do not have a reservation you can go to the “Library”, which is another lounge in the same building, but the experience is nowhere near the same. Once inside, you will be seated and provided with a cocktail menu with a variety of classic cocktails as well as many concoctions that are unique to Bourbon and Branch. The dimly lit lounge is cozy and romantic and makes your mind wander off, thinking about the speakeasies of the prohibition era and wondering when the police are going to break down the door and bust up this gin joint, which was an actual Prohibition era speakeasy from 1921-1933.

Just when you start telling your date how you think that the fedora hats and two-toned wingtip shoes should make a fashion comeback, your server brings your expertly crafted cocktails to the table. I always have an expectation when I take a sip of a cocktail, usually an expectation of either familiarity or surprise, but B&B has found a way to provide you with both. Adding unique touches, flavors and nuances that complement familiar flavors, the bartenders provide their patrons with an expertly mixed libation that displays their creativity and quest for cocktail perfection. For those who don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for an unequaled speakeasy experience and some top shelf, top shelf cocktails, this is the place for you.

Keep in mind that you do need a reservation, which you can make online or by phone, and you should make your reservation at least two weeks in advance or you will likely miss out. When you make your reservation you will be provided a password. Don’t forget it. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your reservation, they will likely give your table away so don’t be late. Also, your reservation is for 90 minutes in the main lounge. At the end of 90 minutes, you will be politely asked if you would like to continue in the Library, which is another lounge in the same building. Also, remember that during the Prohibition era there were no cell phones, so if you absolutely must take a call, step outside and quickly take care of your business.


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