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The Big “Mo”

Ever notice how something that’s on a roll–a bike, a car, a ball, or whatever–starts out very slowly and, then, begins to pickup speed as it progresses, especially when going down a hill. This phenomenon is what is called momentum, as we all probably know. It is an irresistible force once it gets going. It is a key to maintaining forward movement. If momentum begins to dwindle the bike, the car or the ball will come to a stop sooner or later.

And, so it is in our individual pursuit of that illusive thing we call success. Success, too, is an irresistible force once it gets going. It’s the “getting going” that’s the hard part! Too many of us never achieve all we can be because we don’t work hard enough or long enough at the “getting going.” Too many of us just want success to happen to us. Success does not “happen to us.” It is something “we BRING to us” through our efforts that establishes a momentum toward inevitable success.

So, what do you have to do to establish that momentum? It takes four things. First, is your belief in yourself. Think this way: You are therefore you can be.

Secondly, you have to find your source of passion that fires up the boiler of your soul. That passion will provide you the second key to successful momentum and that is your human will. Think this way: It’s not the human won’t. It’s the human will.

The third key to establishing momentum toward success is knowledge. You will never be all you can be unless you realize that life is truly about constantly learning everything you possibly can. Think this way: Know gives me “Go.”

Finally, momentum towards success takes a plethora of skills. Skills are the “how” of “what” it takes to be successful. Paramount among skills to driving success is your ability to communicate effectively with your fellow human beings. Do everything you can to learn effective skills for encouraging others to want to communicate with you and help you. Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People, is still one of the most powerful sources of knowledge in this all important key to success. Think this way: Skills help me up and down success’s hills.

There you go…that’s all I have to say about “The Big Mo.”

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