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The Change You Want Results from the Questions You Ask

b2ap3_thumbnail_00289439A great life isn’t static!  It is fraught with change throughout!

Sorry about that potentially bad news but it is absolutely true.  A great life is always moving, changing and active.  Compare my point this way.  Look all around you.  Anything that you see that has remained static over time is rotting or crumbling away.  Buildings crumble and fall over time. Plants hit a point of no growth and rot away.  People who are coach potatoes (static) most of each day are slowly spreading and rotting away.  We could go on and on but I’m sure you get the point.

You have to change to meet the challenges of life…PERIOD!  The biggest challenge to you in creating the changes you want is the quality of the questions you ask.  In other words, you can’t be whining your way to the needed changes by always asking “why.”  We’ve already established that you must be willing to change throughout your life.  That being the case a “why” question is not in order.  Why this…why that…will not get you what you want!

The change you want comes from “what,” “how,” or “when” questions.  When you’re facing the inevitable changes necessary to your most rewarding life use some of the following questions.  And, remember…don’t ask, Why?  We already know the answer!

  • What is it that I truly want out of life?
  • What am I willing to do to change so I can get those things I want?
  • How will I make those changes?
  • When will I start making those changes?
  • When will I have accomplished the wanted changes?

You get the idea.  The point is the questions you ask are critical to defining the direction in which you will go.

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