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The Clarity of Your Vision is In the Compound Way You See It

Imagine for a moment you are a fly on the wall.  It’s okay!  No one will hit you with a flyswatter!  You’re just imagining, remember?   ☺

If you were a fly on the wall, you wouldn’t see the room around you in a single picture.  You’re a fly and flies have what is called compound vision.

It’s a form of vision that makes them see a mosaic-like view of things.  They see a bunch of fuzzy mini-views of their surroundings.  Among other things their compound vision sharpens their ability to see movement around them, however.

Frankly, that’s one of the reasons they have escaped you when you have tried to swat one of the little beggars.  They were gone before you even got close to where they were milliseconds ago!fly-swatter-149265_1280

Having compound vision doesn’t necessarily improve the clarity of what a fly sees.  For example they don’t see the details of your approaching flyswatter.  It’s more the angle and direction of the movement of the swatter they see and that’s what helps them escape.

So, what’s my point?

You couldn’t achieve all you want to be, do or have if you had compound vision like a fly.  The mosaic of your vision would be too distracting and confusing.

To achieve all that you want to be, do or have in your life you must have a high-definition picture of what all that looks like.  It can’t be a fuzzy mosaic!

Here’s the irony in all this, though.  If you introduce a compound way of seeing your vision of what you want the more clarity you will have.

Yikes!  How could that be, you ask!

How about this as an answer?

Your vision for your future is a picture of what you want to be, do or have from 3 to 5 years from now.  It’s not your mission in life.  It’s the visual outcome you want for your life in the near term.

By way of clarification, your mission is your life-long purpose.  It is the “why” for realizing your vision which is the outcome from acting on your purpose.

So, with that clarification the importance of a clear vision should be sharply focused in your mind.  But, as I said above, the irony is to achieve that sharply focused vision you have to approach it in a “compound” way.

Compound, in this sense simply means you have to break your vision down into a “mosaic” of smaller pictures.  The smaller pictures are not fuzzy like the view of a fly, however.

Oh no!  They are absolutely clear because those smaller pictures really are the individual goals you set for achieving your vision.

In other words, the big picture of your vision becomes reality because of the little pictures (goals) you act on.

Don’t believe me?  How about some other points of view to support my claim?

Peter Drucker:  “The Vision is truly beginning with the end in mind.”

Stephen R. Covey:  “Put first things first.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.:  “I have a dream!”

John Lennon:  “Imagine.”

Simon Sinek:  “Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate it.”

It is the mosaic of your clearly defined goals for achieving your vision that communicates to you and others even before achieving the vision.

In a previous post I outlined an effective goal setting technique that should help you in creating a compound way to add clarity to your vision.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat was the most important thing you learned from considering the information in this post?  How will you use that “thing” to improve the clarity of the vision for your life?

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