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The Difference

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0444440I love comparisons that are dramatic.  One such comparison is the difference between water that is 211 degrees Fahrenheit and that which is 212 degrees.  Yes, it’s only 1 degree but the potential has increased exponentially in some ways.  211 degree water is just hot water.  It can do a lot of very effective cleaning because of its heat and it will really scald you!  Who needs that, right?

On the other hand, 212 degree water is boiling.  It’s definitely very hot and it will scald you, as well but it has taken on another characteristic.  It’s boiling which throws off steam.  HELLO!  Steam when put under pressure creates power that can generate motion in one way or another, as a minimum.  Think…those big steam engines of the past…it was all about the wood or coal firebox heating water; creating steam and driving those big, steel wheels forward.  All because of a one degree Fahrenheit change in water temperature.

Let’s say you can’t get those big, steel wheels of your momentum toward your goals moving.  They are stuck for lack of power.  Just as it is true for those big steam engines so it is for your momentum toward success.  It’s 1 degree away, if only but you knew how to fire-up that 1 degree of effort!  Trust me! You can do it!  Here’s how.

1 degree change in your momentum toward success is created through your determination…nothing more!  Make up your mind you’re going to do it and the temperature rises instantaneously.  Increase your determination and that which seems impossible will definitely become possible.

That’s the difference!

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