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The Door to Opportunity

Someone once said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  Great thought, don’t you think?  But, it’s not the thought that counts.  It’s your actions to live by it that will make all the difference to your success in life.

Now, the big thing isn’t your preparation for success.  That’s relatively easy.  Determine what you want to do and then practice the self-discipline necessary to do the things that will get you there and do them.  Simple!

It’s allowing yourself to be open to opportunity that can be the big challenge.  Another simple fact.  Opportunity cannot come into your life until you have the door open.  On the other hand, you probably won’t open the door if you are afraid.  But, and here’s the dichotomy of the situation, you can’t be unafraid until you open the door.

Fear can be overcome only through walking through the door to greater knowledge and understanding.  Opportunity is lost through fear that is unfounded because of your lack of understanding.  Open up the door to opportunity and live your dreams!  Never fear!

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