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The Door

Doors are interesting things.  Really!!  Think of all the doors in this world…millions…billions?  Doesn’t make any difference.  Let’s just leave it at there are lots!  And, depending on our attitude toward them they can present opportunity, fear, or at least apprehension.

It’s important to have some sense as to why doors can present such a variety of expectations.  The fact is if you haven’t dealt with your own demons on how you look at the doors in your world, you may end up trapped behind one when you could have gone through another.

Let’s look at the issues from the perspective of one dictionary’s definition of the word, door.  One definition says:  “A movable structure used to close off an entrance…”  Another definition in the same dictionary is:  “A means of approach or access.”

One definition takes a confining or somewhat negative bent.  The other suggests a brighter view in the sense of a door being approachable and offering access.

Here’s the point.  Do you look at the doors in your life as offering access or one’s that close off an entrance?  This life is all about achieving access to every opportunity you can.  Doors offer the access to opportunities in life.  By contrast, closing off the doors in your life in effect shuts down the potential of your life.

The door to your self actualization is right in front of you.  Only you can minimize your fear of what’s behind that door and open it.  Do this:  approach the door; presume it’s offering access; grab the door handle/knob; push your emotions toward anticipation rather than fear;  turn the handle/knob;  open the door; step through the door and embrace whatever opportunity it offers.

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