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The Esteemed…

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900448494You’ve heard the phrase before.  It might have been in real life or might have been heard in a movie you were watching.  It may have gone something like this:  “Allow me to introduce you to the esteemed Mr. or Ms. So-and-So.”

My question is why would anyone make an introduction of another person in that way? Simple…because they wanted to emphasize the respect and admiration they have for the person being introduced.  If given sincerely, such an introduction doesn’t come without some major effort by the person being introduced.  In short, being held in esteem by others doesn’t come without a high price.  On the other hand, losing the esteem of others can come relatively cheaply and quickly.

But, let’s switch gears on this whole topic.  If you were to be introducing yourself, would you feel enough admiration and respect for yourself to want to, at least figuratively, say something like I’m the esteemed John Smith…or, whomever.  The point is people sense your level of self-esteem by how your personal presence comes across.

Do you shrink away when meeting others for the first time?  Or, do you step up; look them in the eye; offer a firm handshake; and, in a confident voice tell those you are meeting who you are.  In that regard, you are who you think you are.

Allow yourself the privilege of respecting and admiring who you are.  In other words, be bursting with self-esteem.  After all, you are the only you in this entire world…that, alone, is more than worthy of some respect and admiration!

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