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The Fact Is…

Whether we call it the will of God or the fortunes of life, the bottom-line is we are not in total control of our destiny. The only thing we can be absolutely certain about is the attitude we choose in the present moment. Our attitude can give us some hint of how things could be for us in the future.

The fact is, if you choose an attitude of negativity, the circumstances of your immediate future will weigh on you in a negative way. The fact is, if you choose to focus positively, the circumstances of your immediate future will feel brighter even in the face of adversity.

I find it amazing that such a large percentage of people think things should come to them easily…there shouldn’t have to be any adversity. It is the adversity in our lives that forces us to strive for the better things in life. The fact is adversity is what helps us define what needs to be better in our lives. Without adversity, I question whether any of us could maintain a sense of direction and purpose in our lives. It seems to me we would simply meander through life in a “automaton blur.” There would be no highs and lows from which to build excitement into our lives.

The fact is managing one’s attitude consistently is probably one of the greatest challenges in life. Too many of us seem to be innately dealt an attitude of a course of least resistance. We feel safe on such a course because we have the false sense that it will bring little or no adversity.

The fact is the human race has a long history because it has collectively dealt with adversity throughout its existence! Having not done so and taken the course of least resistance, the history of the human race would have come up well short of where it is today. None of us, as contemporaries, would be here and have the chance to challenge our attitude each and every day…the fact is.

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