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The Fog of Confusion Will Consume You If You Don’t Focus

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0387790Are you sometimes overwhelmed with all the things you have on your mind?  It’s like a whirlwind going around and around in your brain!  Occasionally it gets so bad everything seems to turn into a thick, impenetrable fog.  You have no idea which way to turn.

You, my friend, are totally out of focus… in a total state of confusion.  Your confusion can turn into a complete panic or disorder, if you don’t quickly overcome it.  You can’t be in a state of confusion and have the necessary clarity to see how to get where you need to go.  You must focus!

Okay…that seems like a blinding flash of the obvious but the question is, how?

First, stop and make a list of all the different issues going on in your mind.  Capturing them in a list will make you focus and that will help you begin to feel like you’re getting back in control.  This is true because you are creating a clear and defined image out of the confusion.

Now, reorder your list by placing at the top those issues with the greatest potential for helping you move forward immediately.  Focus and pick only one of the top three issues to begin working on immediately.  Don’t equivocate…just do it…pick one and go to work.  Focus!

Stay focused and continue to work through the issues by reordering the list as you proceed.  Don’t let the whirlwind return!  It’s not all the issues that create the confusion.  It’s you not staying focused enough to maintain control over them.

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