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The Greatest Danger

Hey…life is full of dangerous circumstances all around each of us.  We can’t really manage the nature of those dangers but we can manage how we handle ourselve when exposed to them.

So, my focus in this post is not in trying to help you avoid all dangers in life.  No.  My purpose is to get you to recognize the greatest danger in your life.  The fact is to minimize exposure to danger you must understand what it is first.  The greatest danger in your life, in my opinion, is avoiding the lofty heights of your true potential and setting your sights on relative mediocrity.

Let’s use the legend of William Tell to explain what I mean.  You may recall he was the one who, using his bow and arrow, shot the apple off the head of his son standing against a tree trunk.  As the legend tells it, William was under great stress at the moment of this accomplishment.  An evil tyrant had set him up for this situation by threatening to imprison him, if Tell did not shoot the apple from the boy’s head.  Now, that is a dangerous situation, if you ask me!

I know…you’re probably thinking what does legend, bow and arrow, apple, etc. have to do with your greatest danger in life.  Simple.  If you aim to low, you will kill your dreams just as surely as William Tell would have killed his son.

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