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The Greatest

Maybe you think you can’t be the greatest at anything.  Well, I think the greatest thing you could do for yourself right now is change your thinking and beliefs.  Everybody can be great at something if they think great thoughts and take great actions.

Great!  So, here are a few thoughts to get you thinking and doing great:

Great is only good when what you did is good.
Great is when you have peace of mind about yourself.
Great is the culmination of a stellar effort toward something worthwhile.
Great is never mediocre.
Great is when your wisdom tempers your actions.
Great is assuring your service outweighs your selfishness.
Great is always the minimum standard for thinking and doing.
Great is when you are humble even given your greatness.
Great is guarding your authenticity even in the face of temptations to be shallow.
Great is being all you can be for all that you love.

I hope this has been of the greatest help to you.

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