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The Harmony of It All

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900427826It’s amazing when everything is in sync, isn’t it?  Take music for example.  It doesn’t make any difference which genre you know when it’s in harmony or sync.  It just works!  It feels good and it sounds good.

Take another example…what could be better than an 80 degree, sunny day with your favorite libation in hand; family/friends in abundance; and you’re at your favorite location in the world?  Oh…the harmony of it all.

Wouldn’t it be great, if life were like that all the time?  Everything in sync…nothing amiss…perfection in every aspect. Problem:  Life isn’t like that!  The real world interrupts and it becomes “Oh, the dis-harmony of it all!”

It’s miserable when there’s dis-harmony and, you could say, ecstasy when all is in harmony.  Your challenge in seeking that harmony is all things that affect it are not in your control.  It’s like other similar circumstances.  All you can do is minimize, as best you can, those things you can’t control that could affect the harmony of your life.  BUT, the “biggy” is controlling those things in your life that can encourage harmony.

Congruency is the key in that regard.  Congruency is an interesting word.  One definition is:  “in agreement or harmony.”  So, let’s apply that definition to those things you can control that could lead to “the harmony of it all.”

In summary, bring your thoughts; your words and your actions into agreement and you are in control of achieving harmony in your life.

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