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The Height of You

What are you…4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, or something in between, above or below those numbers?  Who cares!  It’s not the height of your person that determines the elevation of your success in life.  Yes, physical stature can attract or repel other people, if you let it.  That’s your mind at work rather than your body on display!

Far too many people are hung up on their physical presence.  Those people think if they’re not an adonis or a beauty queen they’re not worthy.  I say B.S.!  If you are a caring human being, you are worthy, period!

Rather than starting your day looking in the mirror at the mess you see, think about the miracle that is you…mess or not.  There’s a statistic I read once in that regard.  Scientists have estimated the odds of any one of us being born at 2, 240 trillion to one.

Let’s put that number into clear perspective.  If you wrote it out completely, you would have to include 12 zeros at the end.  If that’s not impressive enough for you, it’s 93 million miles to the sun.  If you traveled 2,240 trillion miles to and from the sun, you would make over 12 million round trips.  Put in the context of time, that number would represent over 25, 925, 000 days.  That’s roughly the equivalent of a little over 71 thousand years.

Hello!  Get the point.  The height of ignorance is for anyone to presume another human being is not worthy of mutual respect.

You’re a miracle not a mess.  See the miracle and you will become a better picture to everyone…including you!  The height of your positivity trumps the height of your person every time!

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