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The Incredible Sulk

You’ve met ’em!  Those people who are the living, breathing, undeniable, pain-in-the-_ _ _ example of the very definition of the word, sulk.  One definition being:  “be silent, miserable, and bad-tempered as a result of annoyance or disappointment.”  Hopefully, you’re not one of them!  But, just in case, here are some thoughts.

Who ever guaranteed any of us that living a full and successful life would be devoid of annoyance or disappointment?  Simple answer…nobody.  Life doesn’t come devoid of annoyance and disappointment but death does.  Problem, then, is you can’t sulk because you’re dead!

So, in life you can get over it!  Sure it hurts when you experience disappointments in life.  Yes, annoyances can be down right stress inducing.  But, if you went through life without either, how would you know when things are good?  You have to have annoyances and disappointments because they drive you to a fuller understanding of what you want out of life vs. what you don’t want.

With either annoyances or disappointments, follow the old adage and look for the silver lining.  Everything happens for a good reason but it is up to you to sift through the bad to find the good.  When you do that it will be incredible and you won’t sulk.

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