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The Key Question

Here I go again…giving you my opinion on what it takes to become all you can be.  Sorry about that…NOT…it’s the sole reason for the existence of this blog.  My opinion matters because it is expressed in these posts and people get something from my thoughts.  So here goes another one!

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about how to achieve whatever it is you want in your life.  It’s understandable because it can be a very complex topic.  But, maybe there’s the problem…people make the whole concept of success, self-actualization, etc., too complicated.

It’s no more complicated than the attitude you take toward achieving whatever it is that you want.  And, the necessary attitude is very well defined in a thought expressed by Ayn Rand.  “The question isn’t who is going to let me;  it’s who is going to stop me?’

If you take the attitude that nobody is going to stop you from achieving success, than nobody will be able to.  On the other hand, if you ask permission to succeed, somebody will surely tell you no.

So, the key question now that you’ve read this post is, if nobody else can stop you, are you going to stop you?

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