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The Lesser Of

For some reason I have always been intrigued by words of wisdom or quotes or whatever you want to call them.  I can find inspiration, perspective, direction, humor, a different way of thinking and many other valuable outcomes.  I guess that is one of my primary motivators regarding this blog.  It’s my goal to offer another unique perspective on success, attitude, life in general and knowledge or skills.

So…for this post I’m reminded of a phrase that we have all heard at least hundreds of times.  The phrase?  “The lesser of two evils.”

It seems to be most frequently used when one is left with no really good choice.  In other words, either choice is an unfavorable one.  Hey!  That’s realistic and I would bet we have all been there.

But, here’s the point.  If you’re choosing one “evil” over another “evil,” what are you left with?  It seems you’re left with an “evil.” Is that really what we want?  Do we really want to be so trapped as to have to make such a negative choice?

Here’s the solution.  Don’t allow yourself to become so disengaged in your life that you are left with limited options…the lesser of two evils choices.  An engaged life is a life that is actively creating new options all the time.  When you are creating the options rather than life just presenting them to you, you create choices that are the best of all worlds.

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