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The Lesson of the Field

I grew up in Montana on a wheat and cattle ranch.  It was a great life in many ways and it taught me many lessons about life.  One lesson was every day you have to do what it takes whether you like it or not.  Believe me there were a lot of things about farming and cattle ranching that I didn’t like!  But, they had to be done.

So it is with all of us regardless of who we are or what we do.  Every day we have to do what it takes, regardless.  On the other, hand when it gets to the point that what we are doing is becoming an interminable grind there is the lesson of the field that must be remembered.

The lesson of the field is all about the power of periodic rest to help recover our energy and enthusiasm.  You see, in farming, fields for any crop have to be allowed to lay fallow (to rest) periodically in order to restore the nutrients in the ground.  If those nutrients become overly depleted due to excessive pressure from constant growing of crops, the crops weaken dramatically in their yield.  The field cannot sustain a high level of productivity and it can turn into a dust bowl of nothingness.  All that’s planted in it dies.

And, so it is with you.  Rest the field of your mind and body from time to time and you will be better able to create a bountiful life .  That is the lesson of the field.

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