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The Light of Your Life

Okay…who is it?  Who is that person to which the title of this post refers?  Well, let me be blunt!  It isn’t somebody else in your life.  It’s you!

I’m talking about the light you cast on the world around you through being all that you can be.  Don’t apologize!  Don’t rationalize!  Don’t compromise!

Everything you do to free yourself from your limitations favorably impacts the people around you.  Don’t apologize for being great and doing great!  The warm glow of your greatness helps people see the light to their own greatness.

Don’t rationalize that you achieving your full potential may take away opportunities for others.  The flood light of your potential helps people see the path to their full potential.

Don’t compromise your values because others may not agree with them.  The safe harbor of good deeds is illuminated by the searchlight of your values which helps others find theirs.  Values are the streetlights defining the road to success…for everybody.

You are the light of your life.  Help others bask in the warm glow of your success so they, too, can find theirs.  Never forget…other people switch on the light of their life through the power of yours.

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