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The Moral of the Stories

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP910221031I was doing some reading recently and came across the following stories that clearly illustrate the different perspective on life that a pessimist has versus an optimist.

One evening a farmer was tending his fields when a traveler stopped by looking for shelter for the night. The farmer told him the only space he had available was the hayloft in his barn but that the traveler was more than welcome to it.

“You should find that the bed is comfortable and that breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning,” said the farmer. So the traveler climbed up in the loft. However, the next morning he approached the farmer, very upset. “You promised me a comfortable bed for the night and said that breakfast would be waiting for me in the morning. Where are these things?” demanded the traveler. “In the hayloft I found only rough, prickly straw. I tossed and turned all night! This morning the rooster crowed at sun-up and woke me too early. And as I was leaving, your cow kicked me, causing me to fall in the trough!” With that the traveler stomped off to continue his journey, hungry and tired.

Some weeks later, the farmer was again tending his fields at dusk when another traveler stopped looking for shelter. The farmer again offered his hayloft, saying: “You should find that the bed is comfortable and that breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning.” The next morning the traveler approached the farmer carrying a pail of milk and a basket of eggs.

“Thank you for the use of your hayloft,” said the traveler. “I piled some of your hay under my traveling cloak, and its sweet scent gave me pleasant dreams all night long. In the morning, the rooster woke me at sunrise so that I might get an early start. Because you were kind enough to let me stay here, I collected the eggs from your hens, frying two for my breakfast, and I milked the cow, having a glass of milk for myself.” So saying, the traveler, handed the farmer the basket and pail and continued on his journey, well rested and full.

The moral of the stories:  Pessimists see adversity in the face of opportunity and optimists see opportunity in the face of adversity.  What’s it going to be for you?

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