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The Niceties of Life

Ever notice you get so busy with your life’s “stuff” that each day brings a blurry sense to your life? The days just fly by and you wonder what happened. The vision you have of those days are like a fog. There’s no sense of clarity…no living color snapshots of the niceties that took place in your life on any particular day.

It is the living color shapshots of the niceties in your days that are most important! Without them your life is one of varying shades of gray. Your life becomes a staggering stumble through a disorienting, blurry haze. The stumble stops and the haze begins to clear only when you make the decision to become more deliberate in your pace through life.

So, what are some of those niceties of life to which I refer and why are they important to you. Well, that ‘s the “nice” thing about the niceties of life. You can define them in your own image and sense of priorities BUT, you must define them. To help you in that regard here are some questions to consider?

When was the last time you just sat quietly with an important member of your family and reflected on the importance of the relationship?

How often do you stop and reflect on the color of the flowers and trees in the world all around you?

What is the impact on your sense of self and your purpose in this life when you just sit and watch a sunrise or sunset?

Why is it important for you to take the time to watch the graceful flight of a bird across the brilliant, blue sky with white puffy clouds framing the scene?

When did you last actually stop and take the time to actively listen to what another person is saying to you?

I could go on and on with the same types of questions. The point is you can’t answer them if you are living your life in a busy, blurry haze. And, if you can’t answer those questions you are not enjoying at least some of the niceties of life that are all around you.

One last question and it’s the most important one. When you leave this life will you just slip away in a blur of gray or will the way you have enjoyed the niceties in your life allow you to go out in a blaze of color?

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