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The Obvious Connection to Create Personal Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900401126It so obvious I don’t even know why I’m writing about it!  On the other hand, if it were that obvious more people would achieve all they can be, do or have.  They wouldn’t be wallowing in self-pity and mediocrity.  So…here we go…a brief discussion of the obvious because many people seem to think it is a big secret.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs suggests that after people have satisfied lower level needs like food, shelter, security, etc., then, and only then, do they become motivated to achieve self-actualization.  In other words, they desire to become all they can be, do or have.  Maslow’s theory has been around for decades and seems to me to have a lot of validity.

That said there is an obvious connection that must be made and maintained, if one is to achieve any level of satisfaction regarding their human needs. Without this connection, little if anything happens to make progress.  Consider the following metaphor to make my point.

You want to go out to the movies.  It’s too far to walk so you know you have to take your car.  No big deal!  You jump in; put the key into the ignition; turn the key to start; the engine fires and begins to idle; you put the car in gear and off you go.  You arrive at the theater; find a parking place; park your car; turn the ignition key to off; the engine shuts-off and you make the short walk to the theater to enjoy the show.  A very successful trip especially after you stopped at the concession stand and loaded up on your favorite treats!

What just happened?  Answer:  You wanted something and through a series of connections you made it successfully happen.  To summarize:  you made the connection with your goal; that led you to connect with your car; you went through a series of electrical/mechanical connections to get the car to function and take you to the movies in a timely and safe manner.  Blindingly obvious, I know!

However, here’s where things can get foggy for too many people.  They don’t connect the idea suggested by the above metaphor with how they can achieve all they can be, do or have in life.  The idea is:  first you have to have a strong desire and then you have to complete all the necessary actions to achieve it.

The obvious connection is:  Success = Desire (the goal) + Determined and Consistent Action.  Don’t complicate your life!  Follow the simple and obvious connection to achieve your wildest dreams!

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