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The Only Thought You Need to Ignite Your Mind from Lukewarm to Hot

Or, to put that another way, you can’t be all you can be, if your mind is not on fire.  Your challenge is to overcome you mind’s tendency to remain tepid in terms of thinking activity.  A mind that is tepid is lacking in emotional warmth or enthusiasm.  It is a mind given to halfhearted effort.  Halfhearted effort never has and never will deliver self-actualizing results.

I think you know what I mean.  Most if not all of us, have gone through periods in our life where we were in a malaise.  You, too, I’ll bet!  You couldn’t engage your brain enough to turn on the juices and move forward in your life.  The fact is life sucked because your thinking sucked!  Unfortunately, maybe that is the case for you right now.

So, here’s the deal!  You can totally avoid the misery of such malaise by simply engaging your mind to search for direction and solutions.  I know…that would seem to be blindingly obvious but it is amazing to me the number of people who never figure that out.  If you adapt the thought I’m going to suggest, you will never be one of those people again.

I can think of a number of benefits to adapting this thought.  First, your mind will ignite and come to your defense.  All of a sudden rather than wallowing in the ashes of a long dead fire your body surges with hope and jumps into action.  You develop a sense of overcoming rather than a sense of hopelessness.  The flames of new ideas begin to lick at the potential in your future.  All you can be becomes a bonfire of inspiration.

Sound too good to be true?  Well, again, it is if you don’t engage your mind to search for direction and solutions, as I said previously.

b2ap3_thumbnail_road-sign-273400_1280Okay…I’ve kept you long enough to hopefully inspire you to act on the thought.

The only thought you need to ignite your mind from lukewarm to hot is:  I WILL achieve all I can be, do or have by emotionally connecting all of my thinking to getting there.

Here’s a bonus thought, however, just in case that one doesn’t resonate for you:  Don’t give up!  Shape up!  Think what you have to think to earn the right to have what it is you want!



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