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The Pain of Train

It’s a struggle to get where you want to go.  That’s just the way it is in life.  Anything that is worthwhile will have a price you must pay.  We all have to pay the pain of price to buy the things we want.

If it is a wildly successful outcome of some sort in your life that you want, then the pain will be to train.  In other words, you have to bear the pain of train in order to gain.  When you train you build your ability to achieve at some higher level than you were before you started training.

I’m not just talking about only athletic achievement, here.  Every higher level of accomplishment in life requires you to train yourself to handle the new requirements.  You want to be a doctor, lawyer or dentist?  You have to train yourself.  Similarly, you want to be a better parent?  You have to expose yourself to all the knowledge that is available for becoming a better parent and train yourself to use the new information.  And, what is true with parenting is true for achieving anything truly worthwhile.

I know it’s a pain but you’ve got to train!  Once you’ve trained you will have permanently gained.  In short, bear the temporary pain for permanent gain.

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