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The Price Is Right

There’s an old cliché that states, “Life is cheap.”  Well, really!  Let’s think about that because I contend the cliché has it all wrong.  I believe the price paid for a well lived life is exactly right.

Think about this…Scientists have estimated the odds of anyone of us being born is 2,240 trillion to 1.  That’s 12 zeros after the 2,240!  That’s the equivalent of over 12 million round trips to the sun.  We’ve only been able to make a few round trips to the moon.  Making over 12 million trips to the sun would be an amazing miracle.  Each human life is an amazing miracle!  For that reason alone life is not cheap it’s priceless.

But, let’s examine the question further through a series of questions.  If life were so cheap why do people fight so desperately for it when it is threatened in one way or another?  If life were so cheap why is there an entire science devoted to determining and constantly reevaluating the economic value of a human life?  If life were so cheap, why are very expensive shrines and monuments erected in honor of it?  If life were so cheap, why is there so much grief when that of a loved one is lost?

Last question…Who thinks life is cheap?  I would venture to say the answer is only those who choose not to pay the price to live their life to the fullest.  They have an attitude that drives them to pay as little a price as possible to just get through their daily lives.  Now, that’s not cheap…that’s downright wasteful of a high value miracle!  It’s an example where the price being paid is not right.

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