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The Real Secret

No, I’m not talking about the recently popular book, The Secret.  It’s a great book for self-help based on the law of attraction.  If you haven’t read it, you should!  There’s no doubt it can help you self-actualize in ways that you may have never dreamed.

That said, I’m talking about the “real” secret to a life well lived.  No, I won’t keep it a secret any longer.  It’s establishing and maintaining good health.  Without it all the other opportunities in your life become even more challenging.  Not impossible but challenging in ways that may not allow you to realize them.  Your health defines your potential.

So, what are the key aspects beyond your genetics to establishing and maintaining good health.  Well, the first is to not dwell on the past.  It is what it is.  Learn from it and move on!

Secondly, don’t be a fatalist as it relates to the potential for trouble in your life.  Troubles happen to all of us.  They are a fact of life.  The problem is if you dwell on your negative anticipation of them, you lose momentum in the moment.

Speaking of anticipation, one of the most unhealthy things you can do is worry too much about the future.  People who try to live in the future have no chance at living in this moment.

Which brings me back to the real secret to good health in mind, body and spirit.  If you focus with dedication and wisdom on the current moment, it’s impossible to do the unhealthful things such as dwelling on the past or the future.  The only thing you have is this moment…nothing else is guaranteed and nothing else can be changed.

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