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The Right Time

Now, there’s a potentially frustrating issue in our lives.  We can be constantly battling with ourselves as to when it is the right time to do a particular thing.  Let’s face it…it can put us in a very real quandary.

Here’s the reality, though.  If we let it come to us rather than trying to force it, the right time becomes very clear.  There is no angst…no quandary.  It just happens appropriately and at “the right time.”

The problem is we get ourselves all in a twist about it.  You can’t twist time into your own bidding.  On the other hand, you can approach time with an appropriate level of self-discipline that helps to manage it to your advantage.  That efficient management can speed things up, in effect, allowing for the right results which encourages the right time more readily.

Efficient management of time requires you to do at least the following:


    • Define your goals with absolute clarity as to the outcome you truly want.


    • Plan a detailed time-line to achieving those goals and with an end-date.


    • Establish a clear to-do list of the tasks that need to be completed and by when.


    • Prioritize the order of attack on those tasks.


    • Attack them and keep attacking them until you have reached your objective.


  • Re-define your goals and follow the same process.

And, above all remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.  “The time is always right to do what is right.”

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