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The Science of Success

Aaah…that elusive thing we all call success.  What is it?  Why do some achieve it and others don’t?  How does one get there?  What does one do after getting there?

All good questions, don’t you think?  The answers of which would give you a great road map to your own success, don’t you agree?  I hope you answered in an affirmative way for both questions because I’m going to give you my perspective on those answers, regardless.

What is success?  For years I searched for understanding and finally found what works for me through a definition created by the late, UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.  His definition of success is:  “Success is peace of mind as a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you can be.”  Powerful!

Then, comes the mystery of why some people achieve success and others don’t.  For me, it’s not a mystery at all.  It comes down to a simple difference in mind set.  Those who are or will be successful have a deep, emotional connection to whatever it is that they define as success.  Those that won’t be successful have a wish rather than a burning desire born of deep, emotional connections to their goals in life.

How does one get there?  Follow the outline suggested in the following affirmation:  You will know how.  The you has to do with people needing to truly believe in themselves and their individual miracle.  The will is having the motivation to exercise the power of the human will with determination over time.  Know has to do with developing the knowledge necessary to succeed in whatever the pursuit.  Finally, the how is developing the necessary skills needed to apply the knowledge in an effective way.

Finally, what does one do after getting there?  Not too complicated…redefine your answers to the previous three questions and start the process all over.  As they say, success is a journey not a destination.

Here’s a link to a 10 minute presentation where I explain the science of success as I see it.

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