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The Shocking but Beautiful Truth about Your Failures

Let’s define it first then use it.  I’m talking about the phrase, selling out.

One dictionary definition of the phrase is:  “To compromise one’s values and/or artistic vision in order to gain fame and/or monetary profit.”

Here is a link to a very old episode of the iconic TV sitcom, Frasier.  The storyline of this episode illustrates the above definition very clearly.  Besides the show was very funny!

That said, experiencing failure is never funny, if you sell out to it.

So—Consider this…My definition of selling out would be to compromise one’s values such that failure to achieve a goal becomes acceptable. 

Now, living that definition would not only be a problem for you it would be shocking!  Why would you ever want to accept failure rather than achieving the beauty of your goals?

The beautiful truth is you don’t have to sell out to failure!  You don’t have to accept it!  The ultimate beautiful truth is you can leverage failure into extraordinary achievement.

It all comes down to a single characteristic you must demonstrate.  If you develop this characteristic and the discipline to maintain it, you can change your mindstate so you can turn your failures into achievement of your dreams.

As I’ve stated in other posts, your mindstate is otherwise known as your mood.

Change your mood and you change your thinking and your behavior.

The extension of those changes is you are able to look past your failures.  Your focus switches to overcoming them so you can achieve your dreams.

What would you prefer?  Living the miserable truth of permanent failure or the beautiful truth of realizing your dreams.

Okay, so the single characteristic you must demonstrate is persistence.

Why sell out to failure when you can persist to your success?

Persistence isn’t some complex concept that should be hard for you to understand.  It is nothing more than continuing to do something or trying to do something even though it is difficult.

Again, persistence is the single most important characteristic for overcoming your failures.

Persist with the following truths and the shocking, beautiful truth is you will achieve beyond your wildest dreams!

Truth # 1

It is all about what you truly desire.  You have to be clear about your desires so create a written list of them.

Be creative here not judgmental.  By judgmental I mean setting limits.

To live this first truth you have to open your mind and list even your wildest dreams.  This is not the time to think rationally.

Truth # 2

Ask yourself why?  Nothing you desire can be achieved if you don’t have a gut-level reason why you want it.

Understanding your “why” is like putting a postage stamp on a letter addressed to your dreams.  You know the stamp will stick to its job until your letter is delivered to your dreams.

Only put a stamp on those desires you listed in Truth #1 that have the glue of your understanding “why.”

Truth # 3

Set your GPS, or, as it’s referred to across the pond, SATNAV.

You know how all navigation software works.  You enter your destination into it and it calculates the route.  As a consequence, you have a clear and turn-by-turn path to your objective.

It is the same for reaching your dreams.  It’s much easier to persist when you can clearly see the plan for reaching them.

Truth #4

Even GPS can lead you to a roadblock on the way to your destination.  Anticipate there will be roadblocks along the way to reaching your dreams.

But…Remember…a roadblock only leads to failure when you don’t reprogram your GPS around it.

That’s why the first 3 truths are so critical to creating an attitude of persistence.  Knowing what, why and how makes reprogramming and persisting to your destination a given.

It’s a beautiful thing when you can overcome the shock of failure.  Don’t sell out on your dreams!  Persist and the truth is they will be yours!


What is one dream on your list?  Why do you desire it?  What is the first step you will take in achieving it?  What is one thing you will do to overcome any roadblocks along the way?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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