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The Shocking Truth about Challenges

You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  No…I am not talking about a personal relationship with a significant other.  You actually can live without those relationships!

However, when it comes to pursuing and succeeding at the highest levels in your life, one thing is absolutely inevitable.  The shocking truth is even the most passive of lives must face challenges.  You may think you can’t live with challenges but the reality is you can’t live without them.

Frankly, life itself is a challenge!  Think about it…there is a genetic and biological war going on from the very moment of your conception.  Millions of sperm fight overwhelming odds to become the chosen one to fertilize the egg.  At that magic and challenging moment of genetic determination the biological war of cell growth and death begins.  That war is one of your challenges for the rest of your life!

Amazing, isn’t it?

So, what makes you even remotely think the other aspects of your life should be free of challenges?  Huh?

Answer:  They can’t!   Here’s why.

Again, another shocking truth about challenges is they are the things that add stimulus to your life.  If it weren’t for your obligation to deal with challenges life would become so passive as to lack meaning.  The special significance of your life is its meaning and the deepest understanding of that meaning comes from successfully dealing with your challenges.

Final shocking truth about challenges…You deal with them or they deal with you.  Putting that another way, you control and overcome them or they will control and overwhelm you.

Truth is that’s a challenge I challenge you to always win!  You win by building and acting on a specific plan to overcome every challenge.


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