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The Shocking Truth about What Successful People Know that Failures Do Not

The contestant is posed a question. The correct answer is not provided. Then, there is hell to pay for not coming up with the right answer.

Actually, I’m not necessarily describing the progression of events in an American, contemporary TV game show like Jeopardy, for example. It could be but it isn’t. Rather I am going way back in the annals of American TV to a show by the name, Truth or Consequences.

In most contemporary game shows, an incorrect answer means you lose something…money in most instances. However, in Truth or Consequences a contestant didn’t necessarily lose anything. Rather, they were faced with a consequence of some challenging and usually comical nature.

The point…in a way…that old TV game show reflected on real life. The only real difference between the two is the game show was fixed so most contestants couldn’t come up with the correct answer. On the other hand, in real life you will experience consequences whether you get the answers right or not.

It’s just the way it is. As you live your life, challenges arise and there are consequences regardless of whether you are successful in meeting the challenges or not.

Success usually results in favorable consequences and, obviously, failure results in some unfavorable outcome.

Regardless, here is the problem for far too many people. It is not the consequences they face. It is how they react to those consequences.

The shocking truth successful people know and failures don’t is thoughts and related actions are more important. In every instance, what happens to you (consequences) is not the most important thing. It is how you think about what happens to you and the reactions you have.

If you want the consequences of your thinking and reactions to always be positive, you must live the above truth.

You can’t necessarily control what happens to you but you can always control how you react.

Do this the next time you are confronted with some challenge.

First, think about what are the possible negative consequences if you don’t effectively meet the challenge.

Then, develop specific positive actions you will take to either avoid or successfully handle those negative consequences.

Either way (positive or negative challenges), your truth will always be positive consequences when you think and react in the above two ways. And, that’s the truth!

Crop of GNCC ShotNow that reading this blog post has “happened” to you, what is the most important “action” you will take?

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