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The Shocking Truth About Your Technological Tools

There you go again…firing off a quick email!  Easy…huh?

It may be easy to quickly leverage your technological tools when communicating with a fellow human being.  Is the use of those tools always the most efficient and effective way to communicate, however?

There is plenty of research answering that question.  Here is just one example of that research.

See what I mean?  The shocking truth revealed in that article should be sobering to say the least!

Here is another view on how your overuse of technology could be damaging your interpersonal relationships and some ideas on what you can do about it.

What are you going to do differently as a result of what you have learned?

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Mindstate mentor, author, trainer and speaker, Gary Greenfield (@LifeRider) helps organizations with inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress. He believes a mindstate that is positive and stress that is minimized helps people better profit through performance.

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