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The Situation

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0399350No! Not that guy from Jersey Shore. Let’s face it! The guy gets too much press already so I don’t need to add to the buzz about him. I’m on a whole different train of thought.

All through our lives we’re faced with one situation or another. It’s just part of the bargain and they can’t be avoided. On the other hand, they do have to be handled in some way. Here’s the problem. Too many people can’t seem to extricate themselves from situations that are challenging or dangerous in some way. These people wallow in the misery of the situation rather than trying to overcome it.

The added dimension to the problem of challenging or dangerous situations is the same people that wallow in misery in most cases do so because they don’t know how to change the situation. Maybe there’s the real problem…Focusing only on trying to change the situation.

Some situations are what they are. It isn’t the situation that’s the source of the problem. It’s the person mired in the problem. In other words, these people don’t look within themselves for the solution. They believe the situation was created by some external influence. What they really need to do is change themselves in order to change their situation.

The fact is…changing within yourself is usually a great solution for changing everything around you. That’s the situation whether you like it or not!

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