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The Smaller the Better

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900316575Forgive the pun, but in this post I want to try and do some big thinking in order to get you to think small.

Too often we focus on the big stuff because of the old adage:  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  The message in that adage certainly has its place.  Of course, the message is to avoid stressing out regarding small things by making them into mountainous problems.  It’s a good philosophy in that sense.

On a different level, though, focusing only on the “big picture” things can put us at a disadvantage in life.  Think about it this way.  What makes big things big?  Answer:  The little parts that fit neatly together to make the thing big.  In other words, if it weren’t for the little things there would be no big thing.

So it is with life in general.  The bigger things in life come to us as a result of all the little things we do on a daily basis.  When we’re doing them, they don’t seem like much but as a whole they add up to a big result.

Take feeling in control of something for instance.  The key is not worrying about the “big” something.  The key is to break it down into its parts.  Having done so, the focus should then be on dealing with each part to the best of our ability—effectively handling the smaller parts of the whole make the whole better.

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