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The Source

b2ap3_thumbnail_00407151Lots of people would love to find it.  Too many people never do.

The idea of success can be so amorphous…so elusive.  That’s why the first two statements of this post are so true especially as they pertain to the source of success.  Let’s face it; you can’t achieve success if you don’t know where it comes from or where it starts, in other words.

Here are my thoughts on the source of your success:

  1. It begins with a passionate idea.
  2. The passionate idea must evolve to a clear vision of what you want.
  3. The vision must be reduced to a detailed plan of action.
  4. The goals included within the plan of action must be expressed to other people.
  5. The resulting internal and external commitment must serve as a catalyst for action.
  6. Actions must persistent until the goals are reached.
  7. Another passionate idea must evolve and the process continued throughout your life.

However, the true source of success is what you have to do to accomplish all seven of those steps.  In a couple of words, the true source of success is…hard work.

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