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The Sprout

Ever see the wonder of a brand new sprout of some kind of plant? So tiny…so delicate…so insignificant in its total surroundings…so alive…so miraculous…so potentially impactful on its environment as it grows!

And, so it is with your life. Just as a plant’s sprout, your life grew from a tiny seed and burst forth on the face of the planet…so delicate. You don’t remember it but the older members of your family will. The delicate little facial features, fingers and toes. Almost too delicate to believe you could grow into a mature being.

In the whole scheme of things, you were totally insignificant to the world around you. Well, maybe your family didn’t think your presence was insignificant…especially, given the care you required to survive and grow. After all, just as the spout, you needed nourishment, a proper climate and a total environment that was welcoming to your growth.

Because all the above conditions were met you are so alive, and one has to say, the benefactor of the miracle of life.

But, even the smallest of sprouts in the plant world have an impact on their environment. Each sprout grows into a contributor to the balance of the world around it. True…some sprouts grow into massive trees seemingly much more impactful than others. But, are they? Even the tiniest of plants has a purpose in the grand scheme of life, in general.

And, so it is with your life. Even as a maturing person you may feel like you’re a tiny sprout in the forest of the world around you. Just remember…even the tiniest of plants make a difference. Will you?

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