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The Table

I would imagine that you, like so many people, have heard the expression: “I bring a lot to the table.” My question today is, Do you bring a lot to the table and, if so, what?

My opinion is if we’re going to have the greatest opportunity for a fulfilling life, we must be prepared to give more than take. Living by the philosophy of “bringing a lot to the table” has the potential of demonstrating an unconditional, giving attitude. However, two points need to be made here.

First, for giving to be truly fulfilling and positively impactful on others there has to be a sense by everybody concerned that there is no ulterior motive in the giving…other than just giving. Giving with the motive of receiving something in return is not giving. It’s bartering. The total and distinct difference between the two concepts creates a whole different mindset and relationship between the people involved. Unconditional giving creates admiration and appreciation for the giver. Bartering creates wariness on the part of the people on both sides of the proposition.

All of which brings me to the second part of my question above. While having a giving attitude is critical to a full life, what you give is just as important. In other words, when you bring a lot to the table, it has to be of a nature that people are encouraged to come to the table and want to feast.

It’s probably best summarized like this: You can’t bring a lot of your ego to the table. People won’t feast on a table offering that is all about you. But, they will fill their bellies on a table filled with items that are all about nourishment to them.

The lesson on the table, then, is you must be prepared to give and not expect to get. Living by that lesson throughout your life brings a cornucopia of fulfillment on which you can feast!

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