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The Taste of Success

How many things have you eaten in your life that basically were tasteless?  I mean the item(s) was or were bland beyond description.  There was nothing to excite the taste buds.  How unrewarding!

Well, think about that as it relates to your success.  How unrewarding would it be if you achieved a particular goal and it, in effect, was tasteless?  There just wasn’t the full flavor of success.  Talk about unsatisfying and with all the effort it took, too!

Wouldn’t want to go there, would you?  Here’s the reality about the taste of success.  If you haven’t tasted defeat, you have no idea what success tastes like.  You absolutely cannot experience the full flavor of success until you have failed innumerable times.

And, there’s another interesting point.  The more times you fail the more savory the taste of success when it comes.

There’s only one tasty recipe for success…copious amounts of failure mixed in with a persistent will to ultimately succeed.

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