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The Tide Turns

Conjures an interesting mental picture, doesn’t it?  The tide turning.  In a real and metaphoric sense it can mean so many things.  I want to focus on what it means relative to you becoming all you can be.

The short story is this.  You cannot turn with every tide of change and be as great as you can be.  You will be bashed against the rocks of mediocrity never to rise again.  People who do great things make their own tide.  They don’t surf on the tide others have created.

If you’re struggling to get the picture of my meaning, just think about the tide changers of recent history.  Bezos of Amazon.  Jobs of Apple.  Gates of Microsoft.  Lady Gaga in the world of music.  Rowling in the world of writing novels.  Just to name a few.  All of these people launched their unique approach to their discipline having learned from others but applying that learning in totally new ways.  They turned the tide in their world and ours.

The key difference between those people and people who surf on the tide of others is passion.  They have a passion for their purpose and they live their purpose morning, noon and night.  They don’t change on the next wave of popular fad or trend…they create that popular fad or trend and stick with it while turning the tide of change to their will.

Do you want to surf on the tide of others or create your own wave?  One gives you a ride to shore.  One continues to roll across the never ending ocean of time.

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